Friday, 30 January 2009

Innovative Learning Spaces

What do you say when you find out a primary school is looking to get rid of their ICT Suite? Do you jump with joy at the chance to help the school redesign a classroom and then also embed their IT across the rest of the school? Well that is what the next project for me and the audacious Mr Ford.

We meet with the school next week to see how developed their curriculum is, to chat with staff and to get some idea about the needs of the school are and how 'up for it' everyone is.

There is budget to have some fun but we don't just want this to be about the latest toys ... and to some extent I would like to see how *little* we can spend on it so we can concentrate on the impact on T&L that can be copied across other schools.

So ... innovative learning spaces and embedding whole school ICT on a budget so it can be sustainable and transferred to other schools with little costs. Open for any ideas.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009


Looking at education opportunities for mash-ups. Working on Blogger into twitter, then sharepoint into blogger, and into anything!